Hi, my name is Adrienne.  I am the founder and CEO of Adrienne’s Classic Desserts, a young company producing 3 dessert categories perfectly suited for today’s “healthier” eating consumer profile.  Welcome to my website, a place where I embrace a healthy eating and active lifestyle.  I provide recipes, insight, and menus on healthy choices. 

Adrienne’s Classic Desserts was created to provide a resource for tasty vegetarian recipes that can be used for all meals:  breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Mouth-watering recipes include almond granola cranberry cereal, cauliflower soup vegan tomato pasta, peanut butter & jelly brownies, and vegan grilled cheese & tomato sandwich.  I hope you get to try some of my recipes, all picked out especially for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your baked goods?

My business is Adrienne’s Classic Desserts, an LLC that produces three dessert categories perfectly suited for today’s healthy eating consumer profile.  These product categories are sugar free, gluten free, and traditional baked goods, and all of them are made from all natural ingredients.  My products are sold in Whole Foods Markets in the mid-Atlantic region, and served at various eating establishments in wholesale locations like the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, and the Hollywood Casino and Race Track in Grantville, Pennsylvania, along with a list of others.  My sugar free and gluten free products taste better than sugar, and my slogan is “Healthier never tasted so good.”

Where do you grocery shop?

I really enjoy shopping at Mom’s Organic Market and Whole Foods Market for fruit and vegetables.  Their produce is fresh and delicious, and there’s a wide assortment to choose from.  In addition, I also shop at Wegmans Food Market and at a variety of Farm Markets during the growing season.

Where can I find recipes on your site?

You can start by signing up for my email list.  My newest recipes will be delivered, spam free, to your inbox along with my free e-book, 6 Vegan-Friendly Recipes You Can Create In Less Than 60 Minutes.  While you’re on this page, click the Recipes button at the top to see my favorite lunch and dinner recipes, desserts, ideas for breakfast, soups and salad recipes as well as 60 Healthy Seconds Videos to help you prepare them.

What’s your favorite foods?

I just love home-made veggie burgers, an irresistible vegan lemon cupcake, almond granola cereal for breakfast, and a tasty vegan cauliflower wrap.  I hope you get to try and enjoy these like I do.

Where can I find your social media platforms?

My social media highlights healthy eating by providing creative recipes, mouth-watering posts, menu ideas and other content. “My Instagram and Facebook accounts are Adriennesclassicdesserts Instagram Page and Adriennesclassicdesserts Facebook Page“.

Adrienne’s Accomplishments

She has spoken and contributed to different media sources including her growing Instagram page adriennesclassicdesserts; her business Facebook page – also called adriennesclassicdesserts;  a guest on Dyana William’s “Soulful Sunday” heard live on 100.3 WRNB-FM in Philadelphia; a guest on the Blog Talk Radio Show “Unfrustrated Entrepreneur;” a guest on Thera Martin Milling’s “News You Can Use” talk show; a guest on Shonte Roddy’s “Biz Talk Live;” been interviewed and featured on Chef Kenzie Osborne’s International Vlog because of her unique approach to healthy eating; and several other internet articles.  She also conducted a cooking/baking class and demonstration for the graduating chefs at Cathedral Kitchen – one of New Jersey’s largest emergency food providers.  


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